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This Privacy Policy explains how information that identifies or is associated with you  (your/the Client’s ”personal information”) is collected, used, and disclosed by BITEBERG LTD (“we”, “us”). We endeavour to handle and protect personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


If you wish to use our services, you must register and create an account under which you provide us with personal information, including your name and/or a freely selectable user name, and other information required. You can also choose to add more information to your account.

In addition, we are entitled to collect information about your activity in our services, which we use to do things like sending an email that can assist you to use our services easier, improving the service generally, monitoring and resolving issues, and for other internal purposes.

Beyond that, under your permission, we may access to read your Google user’s information. If the processing of personal information is necessary and such processing is not permitted by a legal basis, we generally obtain the consent of the information subject.

Besides, we may receive personal information about you from third parties and combine it with information we collect through our site. The information we receive from these third party sites depends on the policies of that third party and your privacy settings on that third party site. You should always check and, if necessary, adjust your privacy settings on third party sites.


We use your information to the extent necessary to provide our services with full functionality and to provide a better service to all our users.

We also use your information to make sure our services are working properly and to improve our services. This information is collected without limitation to comply with our legal obligations and may also be used for statistical purposes to analyse how and how many people use the site, and to improve the site by tailoring it to your needs and tastes.

We use the information we collect to communicate directly with you to send you notifications when we want to inform you about special offers, upcoming changes or improvements to our services.


BITEBERG LTD is obliged to sufficiently and appropriately supervise its employees to ensure the security control of personal information against the risk of loss, destruction, alteration or leakage. When BITEBERG LTD entrusts a third party with the handling of personal information in whole or in part, BITEBERG LTD shall sufficiently and appropriately supervise the third party to ensure the security control of personal information.

BITEBERG LTD is committed to protecting the privacy of users of our services. All personal information will be sent and stored in full security, which we maintain using appropriate administrative and technical measures.

However, the Client is solely and solely responsible for accessing their account. Client agrees not to allow the use of the user account by any unauthorized third party for any reason whatsoever.

We are not responsible for any theft of personal information or fraudulent use of your account, or any loss or damage arising from it.


We may share your personal information in the following cases:

  1. We may share your information with third party service providers who perform services on our behalf as necessary to perform their work for us, which may include:
  2. identification and display of targeted advertising;
  3. provision of e-mail services;
  4. provision of tax, billing and accounting services;
  5. provision of analytical services; or
  6. Identification and understanding of potential Clients.
  7. When you provide feedback on our site.
  8. We may share your information with other parties in connection with a company transaction, such as a merger, sale of company assets or shares, reorganization, financing, change of control, or acquisition of all or part of our business by another company or third party.

We also may share your personal information, if it is reasonably necessary to:


We retain information for different periods of time depending on what it is, how we use it, and how you have configured your preferences. Some information can be deleted at any time, some information is deleted automatically, and some information we retain for a longer period of time when necessary.

You have the right to access, change, transfer, restrict or delete all of your personal data at any time by sending an email to [email protected]


We may modify this Privacy Policy. We will update the date when the last changes were published.

You are accountable for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy on our site. Your continued use of our services after any such amendments shall constitute your consent to the modified Privacy Policy.


We use cookies and similar technologies. We may choose to gather cookies relating to information and traffic generated when your smartphone or computer is connected to the site, including your IP address, the type of browser used, the length of time you spend logged in, etc.

You have the right to configure your navigation software so that the cookies are saved or rejected according to your choice. You can also configure your navigation software so that the acceptance or the refusal of the cookies is punctually suggested to you, before a cookie may be saved. Be careful, although these measures continue to make it possible to visit our site, the use of our services and the functionality of our platforms may be restricted.


With respect to requests for disclosure, etc., comments, questions, complaints and other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us directly at [email protected]