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OMZart is perfect for individuals and teams of all sizes.
from £0.79 per render-hour
Server without graphics card 16core Xeon Gold 5220,64Gb
3Ds Max, After Effects, Cinema, Maya, Houdini, Blende
Render type
V-ray, Arnold, Mental Ray, Mantra, Сycles
from £5.44 per render-hour
Server with 4x GPU 2x Xeon Gold 5220, Software
Redshift, Octane Render, Eevee, Cycles
Render type
1220 OctaneBench
from £9.14 per render-hour
Server with 4x GPU 2x Xeon Gold 6240R, 128Gb
Redshift, Octane Render, Eevee, Cycles
Render type
2616 OctaneBench
Data processing Services
from £0.012 for GH
The Hash Speed's 1 Gh/sec per 24h
The calculation (solving) of mathematical problems on the Cloud Server

After registering, write to support if you finished the project in After Effects utilizing the X-particles, Element3d, Looks, Mir, Mojo, Skybox, Tao, Plexus, or other OpenGL plug-ins.

Your assignment will be transferred to a dedicated server with enhanced graphics and processors that are 3.5 times more powerful.

On this server, a single render will cost £3.75 per hour.

You can assign up to 20 servers to the task when rendering is started. For additional servers, there are no extra fees.

In short, your work gets done faster. Let’s calculate something to help with comprehension:

If you perform a render with 1000 frames on a single server, the total render duration will be 10 hours, or 10 render-hours.


You do a render with 1000 frames on 10 servers; the actual render time is 1 hour; thus, the total render time is 10 hours.

You must register in order to determine the project’s cost. The calculator button will be in the top position after registration in the task configuration box.

Alternatively, you may email our management using the link in the lower-right corner of the screen.

It depends on whether you’re buying on behalf of a business or an individual. Simply submit your VAT ID number during checkout if you are an EU business to have the VAT taken off of your order. However, you must pay VAT if you’re an EU resident purchasing OMZart.

The unit of exchange on our online render farm is a render-hour. One machine hour is equal to one render-hour, or one hour of rendering on one server.

You can use 5 Render-hours, for example, to render for 5 hours on a single server or for 1 hour on 5 servers.