After Effects

You can send an AE project directly from the interface with OMZart. Once you’ve registered an account, which is simple, and installed app, all you need to do is prepare your project for rendering on the farm. The setup is simple and similar to setting up a composition for local rendering. Plugin and app handle all of the heavy labour for you. Once the project is sent, you can control and monitor rendering via an easy-to-use online interface.

Here is a comprehensive list of the After Effects plugins and render engines we support. Due to our availability of 250 Dual Xeon E5-2670 64-128 Gb RAM, you may set aside deadlines and complete projects on schedule.

Plugin Version 2019 2020
3D Stroke 2.7.3
AfterCodecs 1.7.8
Boris FX Sapphire 9.02
DE:Flicker 1.4.11
DE:Noise 3.1.8
Duik 15.52
Echospace 1.1.12
Element3d 2.2.2
FieldsKit 3.4.32
Form 4.1.5
Frischluft Flair 1.28
Frischluft Lenscare 1.49
Horizon 1.1.13
Keying Suite 11.1.11
Knoll Light Factory 3.0.7
Knoll UnMult 1.1
Lux 1.4.3
Mir 3.0.6
Motion Vectors: Create 6.2.8
OpticalFlares 1.3.5
Plexus 3.1.12
PV Feather 1.6
RE:Fill 2.1.1b
RE:Flex 5.2.0
RE:Map 3.0.6
RE:Match 1.3.0
Red Giant Effects Suite 11.1.13
Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.16
Red Giant Psunami 1.4
Red GIant Text Anarchy 2.4
Red Giant ToonIt 2.1
Red Giant TrapCode Suite 16.0.3
Red Giant Universe 3.2.2
Red Giant Warp 1.1
ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro 4.2.1
Saber 1.0.39
Shade/Shape 4.1b
Shine 2.0.6
SmoothKit 4.1b
Sound Keys 1.4.4
Stardust 1.4.0
Starglow 1.7.6
Superluminal Stardust 1.4.0
Sure Target 2
Tao 1.2.4
Trapcode Particular 5.0.3
Twitch 1.1
Twixtor 6.2.8
Twixtor Pro 6.2.8
Twixtor Pro Vector In 6.2.8
Twixtor Pro Vector In 6.2.8
VC Color Vibrance 1.0.6
VFX Suite 1.0.7
Video Gogh 3.7.3